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Artist Statement

My paintings are a personal exploration visually communicated in an abstract form. A testimony of sorts, based on my life's journey of orderly chaos, materialized from paths of self-discovery, emotions, faith and imagination—a state of refining. I realize I am constantly changing into the person (artist) God wants me to be, that is why I use the name refine to describe my web gallery and studio. Painting abstracts allows me to express myself freely and 'color outside the lines'. The process is a subconscious dialogue between the canvas or pin and my inner thoughts and feelings. The art appears raw and emotional with bold colors, broad strokes and interesting textures. Each new work amazes me. It is inspiring to see the impact I can make with the stroke of my brush, as God uses my arsenal of fascinating and even flawed experiences to connect with others. Refine Art Gallery is where art works for changeTM and through my works, I pray that others come to know His!

Renecia B. Cullier 2009

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           Reflections 3:28
           Miscellaneous Canvas
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