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Reflections 3:28 Series

A collection of 28 abstract paintings consisting of ten 30" x 40" canvas, eight 16" x 20" framed canvas and ten 15" x 4.5" bowling pins created in celebration of my 40th birthday on March 28, 2008. They are all done in black and white, monochromatic. They are reflective of my life which has been a 40 year journey of orderly chaos that has materialized from paths of self-discovery, emotions, faith and imagination. The realization that not everything is all black and white, but there are alot of gray areas in almost every situation in life. While looking back on my past, I chose to host the exhibit as a charity art show benefitting the Houston Area Women's Center to help other women who are now, where I once was.

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Renecia B. Cullier, contemporary, abstract artist. Celebrating lifeís journey, the state of refinement and the realization of being one of Godís masterpieces...a perfect mess. Site Last Updated May 30, 2009