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Renecia Bihms (Cullier) was born in Houston, Texas in 1968. She creates mixed media paintings that are a unique combination of her graphic design background with a gift in fine artistry that blend themselves wonderfully into bold, colorful works with interesting strokes and 3D sculpted textures. Each piece is a visual testimony of sorts, based on her life's journey of orderly chaos—materialized from paths of self-discovery, social influences, emotions, faith and imagination. She finds it inspiring to see the impact made with the stroke of her brush, as her arsenal of fascinating and even flawed experiences connect with others.

Her artistic abilities were demonstrated early in her childhood as she would doodle, color, write, draw or paint on any kind of paper she could get her hands on. Sometimes that got her into trouble when she used her parents' bills or other important papers as her canvas. Art was a favorite pastime. One of Renecia's fondest memories was a Thanksgiving project in the fourth grade, when she drew and colored one of the best turkeys in the class and her teacher prominently displayed it on the bulletin board the entire season. She was very proud of her creation and remembers how thrilling it was to have her work exhibited. However, her early dreams of being a real artist were stifled by her parents and their disbelief of that being a realistic career choice.

Almost twenty years later, with loads of life experiences and a suffocating desire to fulfill her creative dreams, Renecia decided to go to art school to become a designer. In 2000 she proudly graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Houston with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design and immediately began her career as an art director/designer. At the peak of her career in 2007, with many successful campaigns to her credit, Renecia decided to un-plug from the technology driven industry to recapture the passion she once had for drawing, painting and writing as a child. Led by her heart, she has embarked upon her life's calling as a professional painter who still dabbles in design and pens poetry from time to time.

As a self taught painter, she revels in the freedom of her creativity and her work has been featured in exhibitions benefitting organizations such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Houston, The Houston Area Womens Center, and she's shown in The Houston Museum of Natural Science and the ArtCar Museum. Currently she is working on a new series to benefit Scholastic's Read & Rise Program for the New Orleans Recovery School District, Title I schools in late October, which will be her first exhibition in the crescent city. Renecia is committed to inspire and uplift the lives of others by donating her time, talent and treasure to invest in God's greatest asset—humanity. A percentage of all of her art sales are donated to help someone in need or to whichever charity she is currently working with.

Renecia moved to New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband, Alex and bengal cat, Kaba in September 2009. She takes great pride in being the mother of three and will welcome a fourth addition to their family this fall.

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Renecia B. Cullier, contemporary, abstract artist. Celebrating life’s journey, the state of refinement and the realization of being one of God’s masterpieces...a perfect mess. Site Last Updated May 30, 2009